A fun last week!

What a HOT week we have had! We’ve been out playing in the sun, enjoying our PJ party, enjoying our games morning and taking part in M Factor. Well done to everyone who entered, unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a photo of the Double Leo act but look out for more photos on the main school blog.

Thank you all so much for your kind cards, messages and gifts. I have really enjoyed my return to MoL this year and have loved all of the characters in our P2 Team!

Don’t forget that school closes at 12pm tomorrow and there will be no canteen snack available so make sure you bring something in your bag.

Enjoy the holidays when they come! 🙂


PJ Party!

Just to say – we will be having a wee pyjama party tomorrow in class!  The children are welcome to bring in a toy or game to share with their friends (no gadgets please!) It is looking like it is going to be extra hot tomorrow so feel free to bring pyjamas in your school bag to change into once you get here!

Mrs Naismith is very sad she is missing this exciting day but I would just like to say a big thank you to the boys and girls for their super hard work over the last term and for making me feel so welcome again in their class! I feel very lucky to have been able to work with such a fantastic bunch again! 🙂  thank you also for the very lovely and thoughtful gifts – I hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday!  See you in August! 


We had great fun out in the sunshine today decorating stones which we have planted around our playground for others to find.  Our “smilestones” have either got a lovely message on them or a beautiful design that is sure to bring a smile to your face should you come across any!  Once a smilestone is found it can either be kept or hidden again for someone else to find 🙂 so…. be sure to look a little deeper when you are next walking through our playground…who knows what you may come across! 🙂


Food packaging

As part of our food and farming project we have been thinking about where our food comes from, how it gets to us and how it is packaged.

We talked about what happens to the plastic packaging that some of our food comes in. We have been learning more about the impact of plastic on the environment and we talked about the choices we can make to reduce waste plastic.

Can you explain to someone what happens to the 3 plastic bottles in this video?

Clean hands and cheese tasting!

We had a visit from Anna the Community Staff Nurse for schools and she talked to us about how to wash our hands to make sure we keep ourselves and others healthy.

Where did the magic germs stick on your hands?

We have been learning about the changes that happen from farm to fork this week. We learned about how cheese was made and then we tried a few different types!

Can you remember the 4 types we tried?

Which cheese did you like most?

Which cheese did you like least? 

Was there a cheese you had never tried before?

Which cheese was made from goat and sheep’s milk?

From field to fork!

Today we learned more about how wheat is grown, harvested and stored and how it is made into flour.

We all followed a recipe and used flour as the main ingredient to make some tasty bread rolls! Use the photos below to help you to answer these questions…

Can you remember the other ingredients in the recipe? 

Where did each ingredient come from? What was it made from? Was it from a plant or an animal?

Can you explain how we made the bread rolls?